Dec 15, 2010

Telling the Story With Today's Technology

I enjoyed being on Bold Ventures Radio talking about the convergence of media and online technology, and how today's stories are told. Listen here:

Dec 8, 2010

Industry Leadership: The TripleA Approach

Tonight it was my pleasure to be a guest on Bold Ventures radio, a show hosted by media mogul Jean Creech Avent, whose work for financial authorities like PGRX and, back in the hey day, Arthur Anderson, creating significant presence for her clients.

Listen to the segment here:

What did she choose to focus on? The personal and professional aspects of entrepreneurship, and what differentiates a company. For Write2Market, that's our TripleA approach to industry leadership, and for listeners to tonight's show, here's our presentation on how we create more Awareness, Awards, and Access for the industry leaders we work with.

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Dec 7, 2010

Industry Leaders: more imagination or more execution?

You know when you’re in the room with an industry leader. I’m fortunate enough to spend many of my days in rooms where they congregate, like this morning at Bloomberg in Manhattan with Write2Market’s public relations client Doug Haugh, Executive Vice President and CIO of $5.2 B Mansfield Oil—a company that’s experienced double digit growth for 3 decades and has climbed to #73 on Forbes List of Privately Held Companies.

Doug reimagined and reinvented corners of the energy industry before joining the Mansfield executive team, including co-founding Fuelquest, which handsomely paid off early investors with a 55x multiple and won him Entrepreneur of the Year in the Houston region a few years ago.

But back to Bloomberg. Let me tell you what the “non leaders” do when the sit across the shiny white plexiglass Bloomberg interview table, which reflects a confetti of news projected from hundreds of flat screens.

They worry.

They look down at the reflective table and see themselves superimposed over the world of information service. They wonder if they’ll ‘be okay.’ They freeze. They ask to say it again. And again. They try it on. They aren’t sure it sounds right. The reporter is already thinking about lunch, or that next interview with the mogul that flew in from Marrakech last night . . .  The clock crawls.

How is it different for an industry leader? Walking into the media pulse that is Bloomberg, leaders enjoy the view, the eye candy, the stimulation. They already know what’s going on--they’re making it happen. “There’s a big difference in talking about what’s going to happen when somebody pushes the button, and knowing you’re about to walk over and push that button in 10 seconds,” Doug says. He's right.

The industry leaders of this world may be modest--or not. They are often aware of the impact of their comments while the world is listening. But one thing they are not is worried.  And that makes all the difference.

The unfamiliar future coming towards us at the same 60-seconds-a minute pace is already a  home they’ve decorated and designed, in their minds and imagination.

Does the industry leadership perspective sound compelling? Try it on. Imagine your industry in five years. What are you doing to reinvent it? Who are you telling so they can come live with you in that future?
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Dec 1, 2010

Facebook News Feeds: Why They Beat Google

Dave Kerpen, CEO of Likeable Media, pulled back the covers on Facebook vs. Google last night at 2 Park Ave, speaking to an audience of Manhattan entrepreneurs. According to him, LIKE is the new LINK, and he makes a compelling presentation as to why.

Key take aways: you may not need a Facebook profile page, but the time has come that if you spend dollars on Google Adwords, you've leaving money on the table not complementing that with a Facebook ad campaign. Write2Market has certainly found the same for our clients--Facebook creates a level of targetting you can't duplicate even with the finest Google Adwords tailoring.

Here's why: Facebook allows you to target people based on a number of demographics/psychographics, even things as detailed as WHAT THEY LIKE or phrases such as "looking for accountant."  So for example, for one of our clients who is looking for mid-market CMOs, finding people who mention MarketingSherpa or "like" AMA results in a steady stream of strong leads.

But what makes this less scary, is that your content or your offer actually has to have some relevance too, to work in the Facebook ecosystem. In the video below I snapped last night, Dave talks about why some content rates higher than others--more likes, more engagement.

On Facebook as with all the new social media outreach tools, if your content is not "voted up" as interesting by likes and comments, it gets "pushed down" to the bottom of feeds. So real contributors compete in a meritocracy of content like never before.

And for those of us who focus on content like Write2Market does, that's a real win for marketing, and an innovation in the last few years that is only now starting to get the attention it deserves.  Now, better content REALLY IS better connection, and you can see it in action on marketing platforms like Facebook.
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