Sep 29, 2008

Two months, almost to the date, since I read Rockefeller Habits and tried to implement some of that thinking at Write2Market. Since then, we've instituted a profit sharing plan, daily meetings, weekly team meetings, hired a new team member, fired one, created a 401k plan, and written an actual quarterly growth plan...

It's been a tremendous difference.

What's even more surprising than the planning parts, however, is how the Rockefeller Habits' approach makes visible the alignment in the organization at an organic level. Where there are slips, it's physical, and you see it in the reports, you feel it in the meetings. No more hiding out at the home office. I'm impressed.

I'm also nervous. Even while I realize that visibility is --no kidding-- the theme of this quarter at Write2Market, there's a certain comfort in "not knowing" your slips. That will be less and less possible as we keep monitoring the goals and our progress towards them. Write2Market wants to be the nation's top business writing resource--we'll work on conquering Atlanta first, don't worry.

I realize the real key to this is me--my leadership is like the prow on a ship, cutting the way or not getting enough water under the keel for the rowers to pull us to shore.

I've got great rowers. Here's to them having great leadership. If you're another business leader in the creative space, drop me a line and we'll compare notes on the journey.

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