May 3, 2008

Green Writing Meets Houston

It's a beautiful Saturday afternoon in downtown Houston--80 degrees, shiny turquoise sky, gardenia and Carolina jasmine warming in gardens from Montrose to Memorial Park.

When you think Houston, you don't always think green, especially Green Writing, a focus area at my firm Write2Market. But that's changing, as the oil and gas industry spawns more and more alternative energy solutions. I'm impressed with the sheer creativity and drive in this city.

This week, I met with creative talents concerned about the environment AND business from FuelQuest, Aspen Technologies, Shell, Exxon Mobile, Texon, Ignite Media, and BioBlend Renewable Resources, a exciting biolubricants firm that offers industrial lubricants with twice the lubricity and three times the positive energy impact of similar petroleum-based lubes and greases. (In a world where one gallon of petroleum-based lubricant can pollute one million gallons of fresh water, it's good news that the 38 million ton global lubricants industry has a biodegradable alternative that makes sense!.)

As I type this from the cozy lobby bar of the Lancaster, I'm receiving emails from major publications, writers and corporate executives--all concerned about creating more sustainability for our economy, our country, and our world. Sustainability has suddenly become less granola, and more mainstream, as we all realize together--even here in the petroleum capitol of the country--that there are a lot of ways of doing things, and some of the new ones may be more natural, less nouveau.

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